Is there uncertainty regarding who is responsible for the repair, maintenance or replacement of the boundary feature between your land or garden and the neighbouring land? 
Too often people rely on the right-hand-side rule - a concept which has no legal basis and can cost you hundreds of pounds in repairing or maintenance costs that are not your obligation.


Process & Pricing
Avoid the usual costs of instructing a solicitor to confirm the position by using our separate platform:-
Simply place an order for the service you need, starting from an affordable fixed fee of £39 plus VAT for a basic title deed compilation, if you would like copies of your Land Registry deeds.
Our standard boundary report (£59 plus VAT) is the most popular service confirming who is responsible for the boundary features between your property and those adjacent to it, with reference to your title deeds. We will prepare and send you a user-friendly report which clarifies the position.

Our comprehensive package is for more complicated boundary matters; we will prepare a report and separately instruct a specialist  RICS boundary surveyor on your behalf to investigate the boundary positioning / features on your land, ( £197 plus VAT and surveyors fees).
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