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Are you or were you a business that has, or had a commercial energy contract? Did you engage an energy broker to assist with choosing the best energy supplier and tariff for your business?

Energy brokers are an important source of information for businesses of all sizes in their energy procurement and an important sales channel for gas and electric suppliers.

Energy brokers are completely unregulated, which can often mean that businesses have lost money  as a result of  the lack transparency in the industry, leaving them open to sharp sales practices by the energy brokers.


Gas and electric procurement can be a complex area for businesses, and one that is growing in importance, as energy costs rise.  Research indicates that  many businesses look to energy brokers when selecting their energy tariffs.


All businesses and but smaller micro companies in particular, are especially vulnerable to 'rogue' brokers. Many business energy contracts are said to be 'bespoke'.


Energy brokers often do not tell business customers  how much they are being paid by the supplier, or whether they are receiving commission. The suppliers have often been aware of the broker practices but have  turned a blind eye  as the arrangements  have been to their benefit.


These undisclosed payments or 'hidden commissions'  or 'secret commissions' means that some businesses have found themselves tied into commercial energy contracts where the energy brokers are  charging customers  excessive sums for their energy supply.

OFGEM is the government regulator overseeing the  companies that run the gas and electricity networks, they have acknowledged that energy brokers have often been less than transparent in their dealings with micro-businesses and in March 2022 published  the Microbusiness Strategic Review: Decision to modify the SLCs of all gas and electricity supply licences. These OFGEM findings will assist in the ways that brokers and suppliers will deal with their businesses in the future but there  has been little done to provide businesses with a route to recover compensation for historic wrongs.


We work with our clients to investigate  whether they have been overcharged  on their energy contracts and  to consider whether there is a claim that can be brought against the energy broker/and or the supplier. We  will then  attempt to resolve your case with the broker and/or energy supplier as appropriate; we will not hesitate to litigate your case if this is required to resolve your case 


If we agree to take on your case we will do so on a 

No Win - No -Fee basis.

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