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COVID-19 Statement

This has been a difficult time all round with COVID-19 bringing a lot of uncertainty to family life and businesses, alike. 


We want to reassure all our clients that we are operating business as usual but with a pro-active mindset to minimise risks for our clients and employees. 

Please contact should you have any questions or concerns on how we can help due to current restrictions.

Prioritising The Safety Of Clients & Employees

Net Solicitors is committed to prioritising the safety of our clients and employees during this difficult time.

Thorough Precautions

We strive to take every possible precaution to ensure clients and employees remain safe whilst continuing to proceed in providing the high-quality services that clients have come to expect.

Monitoring & Mitigating Risks

We will continue to monitor risks and take action to mitigate as much risk as possible, with all staff given guidance on how to operate during these difficult times.

Fully Compliant & Adaptive

We will always be compliant with local and national COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and will remain vigilant to changes and adapt accordingly, leveraging virtual meetings and digital procedures where possible. 

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