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Net Solicitors are Commissioners for Oaths, authorised to witness the signing and swearing of documents and written statements, which you will either swear or affirm  the contents as being true. We are also able to certify documents as being true copies of any originals presented to us.

How is an Oath or Affirmation Taken?

Taking an Oath usually means that you will be swearing  to the truth of a matter, or the contents of a document whilst holding a religious book and  which depending on your belief, may be the Bible, Old Testament, Quran, Gita, Adi Granth, etc.

If you have no religious belief or your desired religious book is not to hand  you can make a solemn affirmation instead of an Oath, that the contents of your written statement  and any exhibits referred to are true.

We will witness you signing the document and swearing that the information you have supplied in it together with any exhibits are true, then, we will sign to authenticate your declaration.

Our Fees

We have a standard fee if you require us to administer an Oath or Affirmation, other fees apply for witnessing or completing   other documents. If there is an exhibit to the Oath or Affirmation, that we need to sign, there is a small additional charge for that.

Any further questions?

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