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In simple terms a timeshare guarantees the purchaser the right to use a holiday home for a set number of weeks in a year.

We have come across many UK clients who were persuaded to buy into unsuitable timeshare products.

If you answer YES to any of the questions below you may be entitled to compensation

  • You went to a holiday timeshare resort for a seminar on buying into timeshare.

  • The timeshare company linked to the holiday resort,  sold you a loan from a UK bank or financial institution to fund the purchase of the timeshare.​

  • You felt pressured, coerced or tricked into agreeing to and signing the contract.

  • You were made false promises and guaranteed that the timeshare property would increase in value over time.

  • You were told that the timeshare would be an investment and that the value would increase, leading to significant financial profit.

  • You have tried to exit the agreement but have been told you cannot or that you need to enter a new timeshare agreement to do so.

  • You were not made aware of the cooling off period or were told that it didn’t apply to you.

  • You were led to believe that maintenance charges were much lower than they actually are and were not told about the annual increases and additional fees.

  • You paid for the timeshare, or paid a deposit for the timeshare, using a method of finance (finance agreement or credit card).

  • You were told that it wasn’t in fact a timeshare and there was an attempt to pass the purchase as something else.

Currently, we are dealing with a large number of claims where clients bought into the Silverpoint ( timeshare resort

We are successfully taking claims forward on behalf of our clients  where timeshares were purchased using loans provided by a number of UK lenders including but not limited to :-


GE Money Lending

Barclays Partners Finance

Shawbrook Bank

Hitachi Finance


​If you have invested in a timeshare either at Silverpoint or another resort and/or the finance company you invested with is not listed above, please still contact us and we will check if you could have a claim.

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